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Just imagine standing in front of one of the Seven Wonders of the World delivering a message of love, hope and tolerance. If music is the universal language, actress-singer-songwriter Vann Johnson truly speaks to the world. Vann is one of the few performers ever to sing at the Taj Mahal in India and at the Forbidden City in China. Now, she's responding to worldwide requests to hear more. Vann has co-written and produced Messages -- a solo CD chronicling life's incredible journey.

This CD delivers a special set of inspirational songs written to entertain listeners of all generations throughout the world. Vann describes her CD as "little musical messages" that are reminders of love, hope and tolerance.

"So many times without really realizing it, we take so much for granted or just simply forget,” Vann says. "Some of the songs have to do with my own personal challenges. Like anyone else, it's a constant battle to keep everything simple. I'm the first to admit that many times I've made life harder than it had to be."

Vann's song "Now" is the first cut on Messages, an ode to remembering the pleasures of life that make each moment of the day a joyous masterpiece. As Vann expresses in the lyrics to Now:

Yesterday is gone
Tomorrow isn't promised,
All we have is now…

Other songs on Messages include "Attention," a cautionary tale about the importance of communication, and the upbeat, danceable "Don't Forget," which points to self love as one of the greatest sources of love.

The singer-songwriter got her big break in the music industry from another singer-songwriter, Michael Bolton. A chance meeting with the r &b balladeer led to a featured duet with Bolton during his international tours.

The international new age keyboardist Yanni opened the musical door for Vann to achieve the historical milestone of performing at India's sacred monument. "Love Is All," Yanni's first-ever song with lyrics is a haunting love anthem featuring Vann's lead vocals on the multi-platinum selling album Tribute, and PBS special of the same name. Said one critic of Vann's performance: "Don't be fooled by the newest singers. Vann Johnson is a rarity!"

Vann has also recorded duets with Gary Taylor, Michael Cooper and Grammy-nominated Canadian songwriter Dan Hill. She has also performed with the San Diego Symphony, bringing to life the songs from George Gershwin's renowned musical Porgy and Bess. Vann's acting credits include NBC-TV's The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and the feature film A Gun, A Car, A Blonde, starring John Ritter and Billy Bob Thornton.

A native of Michigan now living in Los Angeles, Vann continues to write and explore new horizons as a solo artist. Vann keeps in touch with her legions of fans through her website: "When I have difficult times I've drawn on the thoughts and prayers that my fans have shared. I'd like them to know that they, too, are one of my biggest sources of inspiration!


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